The French Chamber Foundation is a project by the French business community to give back to the city that nurtured its prosperity. It has been created at the initiative of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong.

Since 1986, the French Chamber represents the French business community in Hong Kong. Today, with more than 1000 members, the French Chamber is a respected voice among businesses and the government in Hong Kong.

It is Hong Kong’s dynamic and entrepreneurial mind-set that has contributed essentially to the French Chamber’s continuous growth and success, and its ever increasing role in Hong Kong’s economic and cultural life.

In 2014, the French Chamber decided that it was time to give back to the community by setting upthe French Chamber Foundation. The Foundation focuses its efforts on areas critical to the working population of Hong Kong: children and youth, low income workers, families and communities and improving the life environment in Hong Kong.

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The French Chamber Foundation Limited is a non-profit organization.

A Board of Directors governs the Foundation. Working independently from the French Chamber’s decision-making bodies, the Board of Directors sets the Foundation’s strategy to implement its objects.

The Board works in close relationship with its Honorary President, generously sharing her expertise with the Directors. 

The French Chamber Foundation benefits from the constant support of the experienced and dedicated staff of the French Chamber.

Honorary President : Ms. Cecilia CHEUNG

President:      Mr.
Jean-Baptiste DABADIE 

Directors :      Mr. Armen EKMEKDJE

                        Mr. Emmanuel FARCIS

                        Mr. Thomas FELD

                        Mr. Matthieu GAONACH

                        Mr. Hans Gunther HERRMANN

Mr. Thierry NEVEUX

                        Ms. Marie-Helene PREVOT

                        Mr. Gilles-Alexandre SALANSY

                        Ms. Celine VIDAL

FCCIHK' staff: Ms. Sophie LECONTE, Executive Director

 FCF' staff: Ms. Servane DELAHAYE, General manager



The French Chamber Foundation pursues its objectives by selecting, taking part in andcontributing to meaningful projects with lasting effects.

The French Chamber Foundation combines two complementary approaches:

  • It raises funds for and supports well established NGOs in developing specific projects or initiatives in line with the Foundation’s objectives.
  • It encourages the business community in Hong Kong to share their knowledge, skills and time for the benefit of the communities that the Foundation targets.


As its first project, the French Chamber Foundation is supporting the Lunch Club, set up  in partnership with BOKSS in Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan and Wan Chai.

Since Octobre 2016, a new Lunch club has opened in Kwun Tong in partnership with Kwun Tong Swatow Baptist Church. 

The Foundation will consider other projects that correspond to its core objectives and focusing on sustainability, relevance and measurability.


The French Chamber Foundation focuses its work on alleviating poverty in Hong Kong and has particularly at heart the situation of low income workers and their families.

Low-income workers’ salaries do not reach the poverty line and despite their monthly incomes,they are unable to be self-reliant and to support their family in their most basic needs.

Today, about 145 600 households, representing 491 700 people, are recognized as ‘low-income’, accounting for 37.2% of the total poor population. 


  • The poverty line set up in 2016 for a 3 person’s household represents a monthly income of less than HK$ 15,000.
  • 81% of low income families are 3-person-and-above households and over half of the have children.
  • 24.6% of the low-income workers are part-time or under-employed
  • 86.7% of the low-income workers are lower-skilled and over one third has no secondary education.
  • The poorest spend half of their monthly budget on food but still can’t afford a nutritional balanced diet.


The Foundation strictly controls its administrative expenses in order to maximize its contribution to projects. 

Our annual report is published after the end of the financial year and is available in the News page.